Top Programming Languages for Bioinformatics


📰 2023.04.19

✍️ 2023.04.26

Are you a graduate student? Post-doc? Or whoever starting to pick up a programming language to analyze your data?

If you pick a wrong language, you will have less options in the future, stuck in academia, and be miserable. I know many colleagues in this position. But if you pick the right one, many companies from biotech to finance will want you, you will have many options, and you can even start a successful tech company.


For back-end, I recommend against R and (maybe Python). I recommend Julia and Rust. You must also know how to build a front-end. I recommend learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and combining them with Svelte framework.


Pick coding technologies that are more future-proof and fun to work with. These are Julia, Rust, and Svelte.

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