How to Live


📰 2023.05.07


Less is more.

Optimize for mastery, which requires being able to change fast, which requires being lean.

If this were easy, what would it look like?

Doing difficult things starts with an initial resistance (for example, beginning of an exercise is uncomfortable), and being aware of this phenomenon and overcoming it on demand is required for achieving greatness.

Every adversity, carries with it, the seed of equivalent advantage.

Become the best in the world first; everything else follows.

Riches live in the niches.

You must become a disaster before a master.


Get sun light.

Use red lights at night.

Get cold.

Drink coffee, milk, tea, and water.

Eat only meat (wild games), fruits, nuts, and yogurt.


Do only things that I can consistently do for the next three years.

Repeat events from Monday to Saturday evening.

Treat any cut, no matter how small.

Shower within 30 minutes after exercising.

Get TSA PreCheck.

Sleep ten hours everyday.

Use the non-dominant hand as often as possible.


Get woods.

Scout and hunt.